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Keep your love locked down

love_lockdown is the writing/photography journal of hipsandcars. it contains stories of all lengths ( from one-shots to series ) and ratings ( from g to nc-17 ). the majority of these stories will contain slash, and many of them real person slash. if you don't like slash, don't visit this journal. i have a few originals, but mostly, the stories are based off of a fandom. as a result, characters, settings, etc., not belonging to me, are property of their respective owners and i am making no claims to them whatsoever, nor do i make any money off of this.
rules. oh no.
do not bash any pairings.
do not take my original characters and claim them as your own.
feel free to pimp this wherever i haven't.
don't hesitate to watch this community.
joining privileges have been disabled. do not send messages to me requesting to join.
current projects
"can't let you go" chapter two
"here we fall, here we break" chapter idek
one shots:
"i can't really make you love me" ( twilight )
yes, i do take requests, feel free to make one.
about the author. (you know you care)
my name is jennifer. i reside in alberta, canada, where it's winter 24/7, minus the three days a year that it is summer. okay, it's not that bad, but there doesn't seem to be a spring or fall. it goes from really hot, to freezing cold in about three days.
i do attend school and i also take piano, which doesn't leave me much spare time to write. i do find the time, however, in between school and piano, and on weekends. i have two older sisters that no longer live with me, and are attending university. i have a dog who is, i believe, seventy seven years old in dog years.
i mostly write for Twilight, which is odd, as i've never read the books. apart from Twilight, the majority of my fanfiction and rps will be from the chronicles of narnia. this makes more sense, seeing how i've read all the books and seen both the movies. i don't think you care anymore. i'm also pretty hardcore cookleta, and if you mention the words "mavid" around me, and it does not precede the word "dance", i will strike you down.
love_lockdown lingo
words you'll see me use in author's notes, bios, and stories:
rps: real person slash
slash: a fictitious relationship in which both partners are of the same gender. ( i use it as male/male, you'll see some use it for girl/girl as well. )
femmslash: see above, but used exclusively for female/female relationships.
fluff: sappy, cutesy moments in a story.
angst: those moments in a story where you feel like your heart is being stepped on? that's angst.
mature themes: when i say mature themes, i don't mean sex. i usually mean things like rape. i may also use dark themes.
smut: sex. who needs to sugarcoat things? smut = sex scene.
s my d: suck my dick.
dipper: dipshit.
i don't give an rd: i don't give a rhino's dick.
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